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AT Austria
754 Commercial Agents
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1286 Commercial Agents
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FR France
1877 Commercial Agents
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DE Germany
6454 Commercial Agents
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IT Italy
122 Commercial Agents
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NL Netherlands
136 Commercial Agents
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RU Russia
494 Commercial Agents
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X3 Southeast Europe
329 Commercial Agents
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244 Commercial Agents
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24 Commercial Agents
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X2 U.S.A, Canada
81 Commercial Agents
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UK United Kingdom
915 Commercial Agents
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come into contact - Leading Business Platform for Sales and Distribution is an international platform for establlishing international business relations between commercial agents and manufacturers/ suppliers from all over the World. A searchable Database of commercial agents. A resource to help manufacturers find commercial agents and vice versa.

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Are you looking for commercial agents to sell and/or distribute your products? come-into-contact is the platform for distribution!

Through the qualification according to industry sectors, product assortment, and products, you address the specialists in these areas. In addition, you can qualify your offer according to customer base and distribution territory, thus further limiting your searches.

With the email push service, commercial agents in the Agent Directory are directly informed of your offer.


New Advertisements

France (, APAC/F.N.A.C)

Nous recherchons agents commerciaux motivés, ayant déjà des connaissances techniques dans la
SIRCO France (02/27/2017)

France (, APAC/F.N.A.C)

Recherche agent commercial pour accessoires de mode féminins haut de gamme.
NORDSUD (02/27/2017)

France (, APAC/F.N.A.C)

Pour la commercialisation de : TAMIsoft, TRUCKsoft et TITAN, nous recherchons des agents pour le
AUTOM'ELEC (02/27/2017)

France (, APAC/F.N.A.C)

Société Tesy4 italienne, fabricant de mobilier inox pour l'industrie pharmaceutique.
Tesy4 srl (02/27/2017)

France (, APAC/F.N.A.C)

VIGNOLIS (02/27/2017)

France (, APAC/F.N.A.C)

Cherchons Agent pour les produits laitiers - fromages.
FRISCHPACK GmbH (02/27/2017)

France (, APAC/F.N.A.C)

Société textile espagnole recherche agents multicartes pour toute la France.

France (, APAC/F.N.A.C)

SERIGRAFIA ALAVA, S.A. est un acteur majeur dans le domaine des interfaces homme-machine (claviers
SERIGRAFIA ALAVA, S.A. (02/27/2017)

France (, APAC/F.N.A.C)

Recherche agent commercial pour vente coffrets électriques acier inoxydable.
Euro Inox Quality Srl (02/27/2017)

France (, APAC/F.N.A.C)

Nous recherchons des agents commerciaux, chargés de promouvoir et de vendre notre gamme de sondes
AquaMS (02/27/2017)

France (, APAC/F.N.A.C)

Commercial agent for harnesses, electronic assemblies and switch cabinets
kp electrics (02/27/2017)

France (, APAC/F.N.A.C)

Agent commercial secteur sud est.
ELISATH (02/27/2017)

Germany (, CDH)

As a main supplier to the Rental companies in the construction business an our growth in Europe we
EuroGate International (02/27/2017)

Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden (, Agenturföretagen, Dansk Erhverv, Virke, Ulkomaankaupan Agenttiliitto r.y.)

Italian manufacturer of heavy welded steel structures,customized machineries and plants is looking
COFIM Srl (02/26/2017)

Germany (, CDH)

Erfahrener und gut eingeführter Handelsvertreter für den Vertrieb der von uns patentierten
Corporate Products GmbH (02/26/2017)

Germany (, CDH)

VONDOM invites you to enjoy your time by decorating your space with unique pieces for its design,
Vondom (02/26/2017)

Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden (, Agenturföretagen, Dansk Erhverv, Virke, Ulkomaankaupan Agenttiliitto r.y.)

designer and garden furniture in handcrafted quality form Germany looks for new marketplaces in
Box Number 22152 (02/25/2017)

Germany (, CDH)

Betonstahl verarbeitung, Baustahl, Bewehrungsstahl Biegerei, Stahl Grosshandler. DIN 488, B500B,
SIA Buvtrade (02/25/2017)

Germany (, CDH)

Fast growing Dutch Design water bottle company is looking for an outdoor Handelsvertreter for the
Dopper BV (02/25/2017)

Germany (, CDH)

Filmlieferant. Werbefilme mit höchster Qualität zu genau kalkulierten Preisen und hohe Provisionen
Filmlieferant GmbH (02/25/2017) is supported by IUCAB - the international association for commercial agents - and the belonging national associations.






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